Who Do You Know?


Stop and think about the people you know. Do you find any of them interesting? Cool?  Special? Do you have an acquaintance or a friend you’d like to tell others about? I do.







If you own a horse, you darn well better have the name of a veterinarian who specializes in equine medicine.  After I bought Maximus and brought him to Anthony Chabot Equestrian Center in the Oakland hills I met Dr. Carol.

What impressed me about her? She doesn’t have that typical “your lowlier than I” attitude that I’ve often seen in doctors.  She’s real.  She’s honest.  And she’s willing to go the extra mile to explain what she’s doing to your horse. Horse owners count themselves among the lucky few to be able to be around these gorgeous huge animals whose personalities, like humans, are all over the map.  And it takes a special type of person to see the sickness in a horse and treat it without becoming emotionally involved, and to be able to deal with animal abuse with commitment and caring and not dissolve into a puddle of tears.

My interesting person?  Dr. Carol O.  Thank you for being you.

Do you know someone who’s interesting?  I’d really love to hear your stories.


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