What’s Your Stress Buster? We Want to Know.

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We all have something we do to relieve stress, to shift our minds in a different direction, away from whatever is weighing heavily on our brains.  When I need to relax and think about absolutely nothing, when I just have to step away from what’s niggling in my head, I pick up a dot-to-dot book.  Suddenly I’m transported to another realm, another mindset.  And I’m more at ease.

Now, we’re not talking children’s dot-to-dot here.  These are adult connect-the-dot puzzles, far more challenging than those most of us are familiar with.  They’re for older kids and grown-ups.  The numbers go into the hundreds, sometimes over a thousand, and there’s no way to tell what the end result will be until it’s complete.

After years of doing graphic design for brochures and annual reports, author David Kalvitis went in search of something more exciting.  He wanted to design really intricate dot-to-dot puzzles for big kids and while working on and off for seven years, he came up with variations involving multiple lines, even some connecting coordinates and symbols.  In the year 2000 his first book came out.  I own all eight of them.

When you’re under a lot of stress and feel like your head is 30-feet below sea level, what do you do?

Maybe whatever it is it will help the rest of us the next time we want to SCREAM!


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