What’s the Scariest Thing That’s Ever Happened to You?


I wanted to ask a question of people who read my blog and I’m interested in reading your answers, so here goes…  What is the most frightening thing that’s ever happened to you?  It won’t take but a few minutes for you to write it down in the Comment section below AND you don’t have to go into a long explanation if you don’t have the time.  But I was thinking today about what has happened to me that caused me so much terror that I could hardly function.

I’ll be the first to throw down the gauntlet, if you will.  I’ll reveal my story in the hopes you won’t be embarrassed or afraid to tell me your tale:

In May 2006 I had my yearly mammogram.  Within a week I received a letter from the mammography center saying that there was something suspicious and I needed to contact my doctor.  My physician sent me to another hospital within a week to have a biopsy done then I had to wait for “the call” which I received while home alone, waiting.  “I’m sorry to tell you that you have cancer.  I’ll give you the name of a surgeon and you can call and make an appointment with her.”

I’ve read many times in novels how the heroine “wails” and I always wondered what that must sound like since I’d never done it.  Well, my day had arrived.  I wailed.  How could this have happened to me?  I was a vegetarian, I was in perfect health, what had I done wrong to cause me to get the Big C?


Within a week I had surgery and came home with one breast removed.  Thankfully for me it was DCIS – ductal carcinoma in situ – Stage 0 – no radiation, no chemo, no drugs – nothing.  I was one of the lucky ones.  If you have to choose which cancer to have, I got the best one.  AACK!


I’ve never been so frightened of anything in my entire life.  I thought I was going to die and I was NOT finished living.  Now, a few days at a time go by in which I don’t think about it.  More days happen when I realize again how happy I am that I’m still here.

What about you?  Has anything ever happened to you that made you so afraid that you didn’t think you’d live through it?


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