What Person Helped Make You Who You Are Today?

Many people influence us during our lives.  There could be just one, or many, who have told us something or have made an impression on us by what they’ve done.  Because of him or her or them we look at ourselves and know that who we are today is due to the special effect they had on us.

When I saw this as a good topic for a blog, I started to think of my own life.  I wondered if there was anyone – a teacher, a relative, a friend, anyone at all – who said or did something that made such an impression on me that I am who I am today because of it.

This was hard for me.  I had to stop and really, really ponder this one.  At my age, I’ve known a lot of people and I come from a big family.  I have five sisters and my parents were married for over fifty years and both have passed away.  I’ve also had many friends and now my husband and I have two children.

If I had to nail it down to one individual I’d have to choose my mom.  Simply because I knew my whole entire life that she loved me and never once did I feel otherwise.  She taught me what it was like to feel deeply loved as a daughter.  Until the day she died I knew that.  And that has had a profound psychological affect on me and how I am with my own children.  I want my kids to always and forever know that no matter what they do or say or who they turn out to be, I love them and will love them until the day I die.

What about you?  Is there anyone who helped make you who you are today?






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