What Is the Best Piece of Advice You Ever Got?


I spent my grammar school days as well as my high school years (notice the mental difference in time frame – high school seemed interminable!) in Catholic schools.  That’s twelve years of religious education, all day, every day. When I look back on that education, all my family, friends, and acquaintances were being taught the same as I – that all people were created equal (in the sight of God).

Now whether my family, friends, and acquaintances remained Catholic, metamorphosed into Buddhists, consider themselves just plain Christians, or are now agnostics or atheists doesn’t matter.  I think that one bit of advice was the wisest and most perfect pieces of wisdom ever imparted.  It has formed me into the person I was back then as well as the person I am today.

Life can be a happier place if we fill it with people we don’t judge by an arbitrary yard stick based on their color, religion, ethnicity, occupation, or age.  If you’re open to making friends and acquaintances with individuals different than you, your own little world becomes what the real world IS – a huge place with millions of people who are nothing like you.

Think of all the people you could be adding to your repertoire or circle of “friends”.  By doing so, you can learn about the real world you live in.  Even my own small neighborhood is filled with persons unlike me and if I open my eyes and look around, I can get to know a wealth of different men and women.

You can learn so much by engaging with these “others” on just a simple level.  They don’t have to become your new best bud, but you can both learn from each other.  And learning is how we grow.  If we break out of our strict bubble of what we’re comfortable with, there’s a vast array of “others” out there who could make our life brighter… and make the world a better place in which to live.

What is the best piece of advice you ever got?


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