What Are You Wearing on Your Feet Right Now?

Did I capture your attention?  Even for a nanosecond?  Didn’t you immediately stop and think, “uhhh” then look down at your feet?

Didn’t you?

Depending on the time of day and the season, you may or may not be wearing shoes, perhaps just socks, or heels, slippers, Vans, sandals, tennis shoes – a myriad of different locomotory “attire”.

Let me ask you this.  If you had a choice, no matter WHERE you might be – home, office, shopping in a department store, grocery store, perhaps at school – what shoes would you wear?

My favorite shoes in the world are Jordan basketball shoes.  Men’s size 9.5.  And, yes, I have big feet.  I love the padding involved in the creation of a shoe that needs to stand up to vigorous running, jumping, sliding, and the twisting movements when playing on the basketball court.  They’re definitely made for a heavy hoopin’ workout.  And they’re ultra-comfortable.

And, no, I don’t play basketball.  The closest I get is court side when my son plays Varsity.  He’s the one who turned my eye toward basketball shoes for “pleasure” in the first place.  He wears nothing BUT Jordan’s though I surmise that has more to do with the aura surrounding wearing that brand of shoe when you’re 17-years-old.  But I was 17 eons ago.  Let’s not go there.

I love the way Jordans feel when I slide them on.  My son says they have “hella cushion”.  Translated, that means a more-than-sufficient amount of padding that supports the heals and ankles.  And super-thick soles.  I never feel as if I’m perambulating on concrete, asphalt, or hardwood.  I’m floating on the equivalent of a Pillow-Top mattress.

It may seem odd to write a blog about shoes, but can you imagine not wearing anything on your feet all day?  I went barefoot for years when I was studying at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  But, hey, that’s a “beachy” place and the weather was perfect 365 days a year.  Shoes weren’t necessary when traipsing to and from class in shorts and a tank top.

In my opinion, most people care a great deal about what they put on their feet, giving more thought to it than one might imagine.

Now, don’t look down!  What are YOU wearing on your feet right now?…   And why?


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