What About My Labor Day?

We just celebrated Labor Day.  Labor Day is a day most people take off.  They don’t go in to work, and they relish doing nothing.  But what if you don’t have a typical nine—to–five job?  You know where I’m going here.

I’m a writer.  I write books.  In order to write good books, I also have to read a lot of books  —   to learn about wording and plot and style.  After I write a book, I have to edit that book.  Editing takes more time than writing the darn book in the first place.

Therefore, I spend a ton of time on my laptop, writing and reading and editing.  Now, it may look like I’m just “playing” on the computer, but I’m not.  It’s also been suggested I be involved in social media.  So, I’m sometimes on Facebook and I read blogs to interact with people and write comments.

To the unenlightened it seems I’m sitting on my fat arse doodling around all day on my MacBook.  Hey, and I probably have a box of bon bons sitting on the table next to me which I munch on throughout the day.  NOT!

In fact, my son just came into the room and said, “What are you doing?  Nothing?”  I looked at him and burst out laughing then explained that that was exactly what I was writing this post about, i.e. the fact that everyone around here thinks I’m never doing ANYTHING.  Aargh!  Grrrr.

I think that being a writer is similar to anyone who runs a business out of their home.  My sister has a business like that.  She’s constantly interrupted by phone calls and people coming by “just to talk”.  And when she’s on the phone or “just talking” she’s not getting any work done.  Hello?  Isn’t it obvious that if one is sitting around “shooting the breeze” that they aren’t working?

My family thinks nothing of interrupting me with questions that, naturally, need immediate answers, right?  And I’m supposed to drop any train of thought I was having to take a peek at the television to see what crazy thing just happened, right?  I don’t HAVE an office.  The couch IS my office.  That’s why I try to get most of my work done during the day when my family isn’t home.  I would say I’m super-accommodating when it comes to the fact that my family’s fun time starts when they return from school and/or work.  But I’m always at home.  I don’t punch a time-clock.  My day never ends.

I’m thinking of wearing a hat with a neon flashing sign that says, “Writer At Work”.  Maybe that would help deter the interruptions and loud television volume and constant questions and phone calls.  NOT!

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