We’re Heating Up!

Yesterday I saw pink buds popping their tiny heads out on the limbs of the trees lining the streets of our small city. Spring is on it’s way. Yippee!

But it’s only February. Hmmm. I can’t help wondering, as I’m sure many of you do as well, is this climate change or is this type of weather completely normal? The newscasters and climatologists say “No, it’s not normal”.

We’re heating up.

The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate.

Polar bears are dying off because they live on the ice. It’s their home. They use the solid ice as platforms to dive for food.

What are we doing to our planet?

Better yet, what CAN we do for our planet?

We just got a car to replace our huge 1998 Yukon (which is a total gas-guzzler and got 9 miles to the gallon). We recycle. My husband rides his bicycle to work when the weather permits.

Someone made a joke the other day about “riding horses” instead of cars to get where we need to go. I JUMPED ALL OVER THAT ONE!!

Any excuse to post another picture of my horse Maximus, right?

What are you doing to help the planet?

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