Wednesday Mishmash

Well, even though the title of this blog is “Wednesday Mishmash” and today is Thursday, I’ve been away for two days for my birthday. And yesterday we had a minor truck “incident”. After calling AAA and waiting for awhile to get pulled out of an area where we were stuck, time got away from me.

So today I want to remember the past year with pictures. I won’t actually write a post. A picture’s worth a thousand words anyway, right?

1.  My sister Susan said she was going to buy me this for my front yard but she couldn’t afford the postage fees. This would have been my favorite birthday present…

2.  My favorite daughter before her Winter Ball wearing her crazy glasses.

3.  He might be one of my favorite actors, however…


My all-time favorite guy is…

4.  My favorite son…I have no other….


5.  My favorite doggie, Jack…

6.  And, finally, my favorite husband…

Happy Birthday to me!!!














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