Wack-a-do Hairdos and Such


Whether you have teenagers or not I’d like your opinion about some of the new wacky and wild “in style” things that many teens are fond of these days. My own daughter, who normally has light brown hair, has now had: black hair, blonde hair, blue hair, green hair, 1/2 blonde and 1/2 black hair, and red hair. I think I’ve got them all down here.

I know I had my own way of expressing my individuality when I was her age. I wore pants that were so tight I had to lie on the floor to zip them up. How did I breathe? I also went through a phase in which I wore bell-bottom jeans and the “cool” thing was to not wash them. I wore them for weeks and they were so soft because they never saw the darkness of a washing machine or dryer. Gross!!! I also wanted to dye my long hair (to my waist) black because I hated having red hair and felt like a “dork”. My parents wouldn’t allow it, so that never happened.

My daughter would also like “snake bites”. For any of you out there who aren’t familiar with these, they’re piercings on the bottom of your lip, one on each side – sort of like snake fangs. I said “no” to those for now.

She’s stretching her ear lobes to a size that if she wants to change her mind they’ll close up. She’ll be able to wear what they call “tunnels” inside the holes that are about one-half inch wide.

I’ve allowed all this because she’s a great kid, causes us no problems whatsoever, gets good grades, has planned to go to college for years now, wants to study abroad, learn American Sign Language, is respectful. Need I go on?

I have learned at “my age” not to sweat the small stuff.

What do you all think?



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