Tiger Man


I found a new National Geographic program the other night called Tiger Man.  It’s filmed in the South African wilderness known as Tiger Canyons. John Varty (JV), the Tiger Man, has been giving some of these creatures a helping hand.  One of his original tigers, Julie, just gave birth and JV follows the first five days of their lives.  He has to make some major decisions in his quest to help these huge creatures because he wants to save them but also wants nature to run its course.

These tigers are completely wild and naturally do not like humans. However JV has been with Julie for 11 years and it is no less than awesome to watch them interact, especially during a kill when JV stands right next to Julie as she’s ripping apart an animal she’s just hunted down and is eating, right next to JV.

I highly recommend watching this short series if you have the chance.  It’s a great mesh of learning about wild tigers in Africa and helping them out in order to enhance the continuation of the species.

If you go to the site below there are videos of Julie giving birth and others that are incredible!

Tiger Man – National Geographic Channel – UK

natgeotv.com/uk/tigerman – United Kingdom
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