I receive an e-mail every day called “The Daily Motivator” by Ralph Marston. Each is  short and I can either read it or look at pictures accompanied with the words and music. I’ve been reading these e-mails for several years now and they’re always helpful.
The three below all deal with having a positive outlook on life. Nothing fancy-dancy or “out there”. Just simple, no-nonsense logic, dealing with the three “P’s” – persistent positive perspective.
Think your best
Right now, you have the opportunity to choose your thoughts.
And the thoughts you choose will have a direct impact on the
life you live.Your thoughts focus your awareness. The direction of your
awareness determines which of life’s possibilities you see,
explore, and fulfill.The things you think about over and over again become
crucial components of your reality. Take positive,
purposeful, persistent control of your thoughts, and you can
point your life in whatever direction you choose.

Your mind has great power. Use that power to bring more
meaningful goodness into your life and your world.

Choose not to waste your valuable thoughts on meaningless
and negative things. Instead, invest your thoughts each day
so that they will lift life higher.

It’s amazing what you can think, and even more amazing where
your thoughts can lead. Think of life at its very best, and
you’re on your way to making it so.

Persistent positive perspective
f you are resentful about the interruptions, you make those
interruptions last even longer. When you get angry about
being hurt, you prolong the pain.Negativity wastes your time and your life. In return, it
brings you nothing desirable.Negativity causes you to see and experience troubles that
otherwise would not be there. Negativity blinds you to the
goodness that is all around you, and separates you from much
of life’s richness.

When you feel resentment, anger, envy, despair, anxiety or
any other negative feeling coming on, quickly let it go.
Make the choice to not allow a negative perspective to drain
value from your life.

It can be very easy to be negative in response to life’s
various occurrences. Yet it becomes extremely difficult to
live with the consequences of all that negativity.

It is actually just as easy to let the negativity go. Make
that choice, and fill your life with the real treasures that
come from a persistent positive perspective.

Focus on the good things
Your mind is astonishingly powerful. Focus that power on the
good things.Your thoughts create the landscape in which you experience
life. Make that landscape empowering in a positive and
fulfilling way.Even if something is very small, you can make it enormous in
your life by choosing to intensely focus your thoughts upon
it. So focus on what you wish to make bigger, and not on
what you want to avoid.

Let your thoughts center around all that you love, respect,
admire and treasure. Give positive power to each of your
moments by giving positive focus to your thoughts.

Sure, there are plenty of negative things that can quickly
capture your attention. That’s why it is important to be
able to just as quickly put yourself back into a positive

By all means deal with the bad things as necessary, while
keeping your primary focus on the good things. Make the best
use of the mental power that is yours by keeping it pointed
in a positive direction.

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