The Short Life

Just the other day I noticed our chocolate lab Annabella limping. She’ll be eight years old this May. We’ve had several chocolate labs. There was Mocha then her daughter Java. When Mocha died Java went nutso being alone. She ransacked the house and acted totally crazy without her mum. So we got Annabella. Annabella had pups which is how we came to have our Jack.

And so it goes. Each of our chocolate labs had hip problems which is typical of the breed. Suddenly around eight years old they’d find it difficult to jump on the bed. After about a year of that we’d start helping them up onto the bed. We’d put them on aspirin and when that didn’t help the vet would prescribe Rimadyl and other harsher drugs with side effects. We’ve never had a lab make it past their twelfth birthday.

So I find myself seeing the countdown for Annabella already. We probably have about three to four years left with her before it’s her time. Why is it that dogs have such a short life span? Elephants can live to be fifty or sixty years old. My mom would tell me constantly “big dogs don’t live as long as little dogs”. My family always made fun of her when she wasn’t around for saying that to me every single time she came to my house. (She had Yorkshire Terriers!)

The Short Life. Sad.

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