The Last Hurrah

This year we took our vacation south of Santa Barbara, California, at the famous surfing area called Rincon Point.  There’s no undertow and the surf breaks far out then gently arrives at the shore, calmly.  It’s great for boogy boarding.

I can sit in the front room with the glass back doors open, the sea breeze blowing across my computer.  When lying in bed, I turn my head and see the ocean and sky. There are more stars in the sky at night since Santa Barbara and the surrounding towns are small and not highly populated.

My daughter is trying to learn to surf which is cute.  She spends most of the time lying on top of the surf board riding the three-foot waves.  My husband took the kayak out to catch a fish.  That was a blow-out but he had fun anyway.  Seventy-five to eighty degrees every day is definitely superb weather.

The two dogs are going nutso fetching sticks and riding the waves into the shore. They, of all of us, are having the most fun here!  Many people would board their furry friends but I love watching them hopping like kangaroos through the water, fighting over the stick, then bringing it back together, their teeth holding onto the wood, one on each side.  Classic mom and son behavior!

Of course my 18-year-old son is doing the same thing he does at home: sitting around watching the Olympics, texting, and listening to music on his iPhone.  He wants to go to L.A. to a Dodgers game.  No way!  We came here to relax and “chill” but he can’t relate to “doing nothing”.  I guess that’s a teen “thang”.

Anyone have a cool place they went on vacation this summer?

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  1. I love the beach. I haven’t really gone anywhere this summer, but that is where I would have gone.

    • admin

      I love being near the ocean – one of the reasons I can’t imagine leaving California.

  2. What a great vacation, Patti! And now, school is about to start where I live. I went to Crested Butte and Colorado Springs. Lovely days, casual, great drives, awesome hike!

    • admin

      Crested Butte and Colorado Springs are wonderful places to take a vacation – cool.

  3. I love the Santa Barbara area, but honestly haven’t heard of Rincon Point. Definitely checking it out. Did you rent a house? I love the ocean. It calls to something in the soul, especially when you live in the desert.

    • admin

      Yes, Joelene, we rented a house on the beach and it really makes a difference being able to walk those few steps to the ocean and walk along the beach.

  4. Sounds like a great trip! Glad you’re enjoying your summer. 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks, Rhonda. The weather is so awesome here.

  5. kathy berendes

    you hit the best week to go on vacation. the weather is supposed to be in the 80s in santa barbara. but i know you would rather be with me at my home where it hit 110 yesterday. my thong is getting good use this summer!

    • admin

      I can’t believe the weather has been so perfect every day. Not too hot, a lovely warm wind, and the water is not cold at all.

  6. Patti, what a beautiful way to spend your final days of summer. Your descriptions of your beach house took me there. Thank you!

    I’ve never been to CA but look forward to experiencing all it has to offer, from the beautiful beaches to Napa Valley to the Redwood forests.

    We’ve had a terrific summer! We spent the first week in Orlando with the kids, enjoying our in-laws’ new house and then the amusement parks and a relaxing resort. The next three weeks I wrote by my pool, in between swimming laps and having barbeques and pool parties with friends. Then my husband and I were off to Key West for an intimate getaway, where we enjoyed Hemingway Days, biking around Old Town and eating dinners at 5-star quality restaurants. Back home, I’ve made good progress on my current wip and complete some summer projects in the house. Now, we’re gearing up for an extended family cruise vacation to Bermuda. When we return, I’ll have a few more weeks until the kids return to college and school and we’ll likely do the beach, kayaking on our local lake, and late summer barbeques with friends. I also hope to travel upstate to the Adirondacks to visit my side of the family for a few days before the hectic school season begins.

    I cannot remember a more fun-filled summer than this! 🙂

    • admin

      Wow, Jolyse, what a fantastic summer. You went to more places than I’ve been to in years!

  7. Your vacation sounds positively heavenly, Patti. I’m so glad you were able to get away and relax. Remember the blog when you were trying to slow down–sounds like you did it for a bit of time.

    • admin

      Yeah, Sheri, this is our yearly getaway. The weather is perfection – 75 to 80 degrees.

  8. Love the photo of the dogs on the deck! Your vacation sounds heavenly. One of these days, your son will long for time to relax.

    • admin

      I hope he will, Pat. Seems that no matter what we do, it’s boring.

  9. I envy your vacation and your choice of place. I’ve been to SB once several years ago and loved the area, the weather, the ocean…

    Enjoy. Someday your son will get “smart.”

    • admin

      I can only hope he does, Casey.

  10. Our son went to UCSB and really enjoyed the beach. Do they still have problems with oil in the sand?

    One of our favorite places is Yosemite. Sitting by the river and relaxing among the trees.

    Your son is a teenager. Everything parents do is boring.

    • admin

      Hey Kate! Thanks for the reminder that “of course I’m boring” because I take it WAY too personally, I guess, when coming from my own son. It’s like a slap in the face. I’m not used to being perceived as boring and useless, you know? Hard to swallow. But I guess it’s normal, right?
      Yes, there’s still tar at the beaches but we haven’t seen any here at all. However, there are the same eight oil derricks here that I saw way back when, and I read that you have to be “aware” of it, so yes it still is around.
      My nephew is going to UCSB as well as a couple of my son’s friends. I loved attending that school. Such a pretty venue.

  11. We rarely vacation in the summer months. It is so dang hot here in Texas. Right now, the temperature is 95°, but the heat index makes it “feel like” 103°. Nightmare heat.

    We usually vacation in the fall or the spring, and we usually just go to the Texas Hill Country (about 200 miles west of here). It’s very pretty there, and the air is a bit more dry so I don’t struggle so much with allergies.

    Good for you for taking your dogs on vacation! We are planning on taking Cosmo to the Hill Country this fall. This will be his first experience with a motel room. When we vacationed in the Hill Country last spring, we rented a house on a 1500 acre ranch. I’m really curious to see how well he will adapt to spending the night in a motel. LOL

    (If you’re curious what the Hill Country looks like do a Google image search with the terms “texas hill country”)

    • admin

      Hi Catie! I’m wondering whether the Texas hill country includes Fredericksburg where my friend lives. I’ll Google it to look. It sounds really nice. The heat is something I can’t tolerate and my sister just told me that where she lives in San Jacinto, California, today it was 114! That is WAY too much.

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