The Last Hurrah

This year we took our vacation south of Santa Barbara, California, at the famous surfing area called Rincon Point.  There’s no undertow and the surf breaks far out then gently arrives at the shore, calmly.  It’s great for boogy boarding.

I can sit in the front room with the glass back doors open, the sea breeze blowing across my computer.  When lying in bed, I turn my head and see the ocean and sky. There are more stars in the sky at night since Santa Barbara and the surrounding towns are small and not highly populated.

My daughter is trying to learn to surf which is cute.  She spends most of the time lying on top of the surf board riding the three-foot waves.  My husband took the kayak out to catch a fish.  That was a blow-out but he had fun anyway.  Seventy-five to eighty degrees every day is definitely superb weather.

The two dogs are going nutso fetching sticks and riding the waves into the shore. They, of all of us, are having the most fun here!  Many people would board their furry friends but I love watching them hopping like kangaroos through the water, fighting over the stick, then bringing it back together, their teeth holding onto the wood, one on each side.  Classic mom and son behavior!

Of course my 18-year-old son is doing the same thing he does at home: sitting around watching the Olympics, texting, and listening to music on his iPhone.  He wants to go to L.A. to a Dodgers game.  No way!  We came here to relax and “chill” but he can’t relate to “doing nothing”.  I guess that’s a teen “thang”.

Anyone have a cool place they went on vacation this summer?

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