Teaching By Example

I watched a video yesterday on Facebook about a man teaching a baby wolf how to howl.


It made me think about how I’ve tried to raise my two children. I believe they learn by example – my example. Granted, I don’t want my children to become my clones. Having two Patti’s running around the house would not be fun.

I’ve tried to instill in them a sense of individuality over the years, telling the two of them they’re each different and that’s a good thing, and to be themselves.

But then, if they manifest behavior that is the opposite of what I’ve been teaching them, is it my fault?

My opinion is no, it’s not.

I don’t believe a child is born with a brain that’s a “tabula rasa” – a clean slate. They’re born with genes that help make them who they ultimately come to be. I can preach unselfishness and kindness and strength of character and honesty. However, they’ll grow up manifesting some of those traits and dispensing with others.

And  I have to accept that I can only do so much and then I have to “let ’em go” and see what happens.

Do you agree? Disagree?





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