Pembroke Sinclair – Author

Tell us something about yourself.  A mini-biography of sorts.

I write fiction under the pen name Pembroke Sinclair, and I have had several short stories published.  My story, “Sohei,” was named one of the Best Stories of 2008 by The Cynic Online Magazine.  I have novellas and a short story collection forthcoming from Musa Publishing and eTreasures Publishing.  I have two novels, Coming from Nowhere (adult, sci fi) and Life After the Undead (YA, horror), that are available from eTreasures Publishing, as well as Death to the Undead (YA, sequel to Life After the Undead), which is forthcoming.

Under my real name, Jessica Robinson, from March 2008 to January 2011, I wrote scientific articles for Western Farmer-Stockman.  I have a nonfiction book, Life Lessons from Slasher Films, scheduled for release in July 2012 from Scarecrow Publishing (an imprint of Rowan and Littlefield).

I have my Master’s in English, and I am a freelance content editor for Musa Publishing, as well as a content and line editor for eTreasures Publishing.

I was born and raised in Wyoming, where I still live with my family.  I have two young boys, age 3 and 5, two dogs, and a cat.

Did you always want to be a writer?

No.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I had some professors totally shake my confidence and I was out of the game for a long time.  I wanted to edit (and I do), then a friend of mine helped me get back on the horse, and I haven’t gotten off since.

What part of writing do you find the most fun?  the most difficult?

Most fun is creating new worlds and characters and seeing where they take you.  Most difficult is revision.  I HATE revising.

How much of your personal life do you incorporate in your writing?

According to my friends and book club, they see me in my character, Krista, which was completely unintentional.  I think part of ourselves and our lives always leech into our work because it’s what we know and the experiences we have.  It would be really difficult to write anything without incorporating my personal life.

Tell us a little about what you’re working on right now.

An urban fantasy story involving dragons.

Is there anything surprising you’ve learned about the publishing industry that you’d like to share with us?

Be prepared for long waits.  Nothing happens overnight.  You have to be patient (and I’m not, so it’s been an interesting learning process).

What’s the most rewarding aspect about writing?

It keeps me sane.

Do you feel you chase the market or do you write from the heart, knowing you’re writing the best you can and someone will eventually publish your work?

I totally write from the heart.  As they say, if you try to write for the next “big thing,” by the time you’re done, that “big thing” will have changed.  I write the kinds of things that I would like to read and keep my fingers crossed someone will like it enough to package it for the world.

How would you describe your writing style and genre?

I write in several different genres, from sci fi to fantasy to horror.  I have no idea how to describe my writing style.

Do you create challenges for your characters to overcome and why?

Of course.  What fun would it be to read a book about someone who does boring, every day things?  They have to have challenges.

What challenges you personally in your writing?

Finding time to actually do it and then forcing myself to revise it.

Do you work on paper or a computer?  At home or in an office?  What time of day do you write and why?  How much do you write a day?

I work both on paper and a computer.  With two small children, it’s not always feasible to be tied to a computer.  A notebook falls a lot softer on the floor if it needs to be dropped.  I write when and wherever I get a chance.  With two part-time jobs, freelancing, and a family, I squeeze it in whenever I can.  I write as much as I can.

The inevitable:  are you a plotter or a pantser?

I don’t do a formal outline for my story, but I work out the details in my head before I put words to paper.  Once there, I let the characters take the story where it needs to go.

Do you have any favorite websites and/or blogs that you avidly follow?

Yes.  You can check them out on my blog list at

Who is your favorite author in the whole world and why.

I have several.  The first is Christopher Pike.  I read all of his YA books when I was a kid and a few of his adult novels.  His work was a huge influence while writing “Life After the Undead.”  I’m a big fan of Piers Anthony because of his works and because he was nice enough to read and review my first novel.

There are several others, but those two I hold close to my heart.

And, lastly, who has impacted your writing the most?

I’d have to say my friend who inspired me to start writing again, along with my husband, who is incredibly supportive and insightful when it comes to my stories.

Description of book Life After the Undead:

The world has come to an end. It doesn’t go out with a bang, or even a whimper. It goes out in an orgy of blood and the dead rising from their graves to feast on living flesh. As democracy crumples and the world melts into anarchy, five families in the U.S. rise to protect the survivors. The undead hate a humid environment, so they are migrating westward to escape its deteriorating effects. The survivors are constructing a wall in North Platte to keep the zombie threat to the west, while tyranny rules among the humans to the east. Capable but naïve Krista is 15 when the first attacks occur, and she loses her family and barely escapes with her life. She makes her way to the wall and begins a new life. But, as the undead threat grows and dictators brainwash those she cares about, Krista must fight not only to survive but also to defend everything she holds dear—her country, her freedom, and ultimately those she loves.

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