Opportunity Knocks at Marketing For Romance Writers Summer Camp. Open the door to our MOTTO: SEEK, TEACH, LEARN, SHARE, SUCCEED.

Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp is July 14th – July 15th. To receive updates for the camp or learn more about it and MFRW, please sign up here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MarketingForRomanceWriters/
*Peek-A-Boo  Where are the readers?
*Opens window to tweet* Any fans in here? 

*Peeks in the Kindle store*  Anyone?

*Stumbles into a facebook group* Anyone?

*Posts in a yahoo group*  Bueller?

The biggest question, or perhaps phenomenon authors are asking- where are all the readers hiding out? Hmm, the $64-million dollar question of the decade. With the explosion of e-publishers, more and more authors are becoming published and now these same authors are seeking places to find readers and build a fan base.

I can remember years ago before my first book was published an author telling me ‘writing the book is the easy part’. I laughed. I chuckled. I snorted. Then the book came out and I cried. Sales were meek. What do I do? I had no clue. I had to market. But that word was so foreign to me. Market? What’s that? I assumed when the book finally came out sales would be steady. People would love my book, love my writing and I’d be set for life.

Pfftt! Sure thing chick! Yeah right!

So, marketing? OK, I can do that. But where?

This is where the Marketing For Romance Writers’ Summer Camp (July 14 and 15) comes into play. My class/workshop is ALL about finding readers, fans and building a fan base that will have you smiling all the way to the next synopsis and release. Whether you’re a seasoned author, an aspiring author or a newbie- this summer camp will have a topic for everyone to learn, share and gain from.

I’ll be offering some ideas on where to find the right genre based fans. Places you may have forgotten about as well as some new hide-outs. So make sure to stop by and watch the MFRW Yahoo Group for updates and class schedules- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MarketingForRomanceWriters/



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