One Very Controversial Subject

There is a group of high-powered hackers called Anonymous who are famous for taking down websites belonging to corporations such as Bank of America and Sony.  It uses vigilante tactics to accomplish its goals and has now turned its attention to child pornography sites.

These people are called “hacktivists” and they’re targeting web host “Freedom Hosting”. They’re claiming that Freedom Hosting knowingly hosts child pornography. Anonymous is better known for hitting big business and corporate sites, briefly taking over their operations or scraping information.

But now Anonymous released this statement:

“Our demands are simple. Remove all child pornography content from your servers. Refuse to provide hosting services to any website dealing with child pornography. This statement is not just aimed at Freedom Hosting, but everyone on the internet. It does not matter who you are, if we find you to be hosting, promoting, or supporting child pornography, you will become a target.”

Since the attacks began on Oct. 15, Anonymous has removed pornographic links, shut down access to all clients of Freedom Hosting and declared the web host as “#OpDarknet Enemy Number One.”


I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, one of the best things about living in America.  But I have to say, this type of vigilante justice appeals to me on all levels. I have kids. I wouldn’t want this to happen to them.  I wouldn’t want this to happen to ANYONE.  Child pornography is sickening.



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