On The Trail

I’m very, very lucky to be able to ride on the trail with my horse. Not many people have the opportunity to go trail riding whenever they feel like it. Most people don’t own a horse. So I feel doubly privileged. Last Sunday my sister-in-law and I saddled up our ponies and went on a beautiful trail ride through the hills at Anthony Chabot Equestrian Center. This gorgeous barn is located in the Oakland hills, only fifteen minutes from my home, five minutes from her house.

Within minutes we’re (or I should say our horses are) climbing very narrow switchback roads. Hanging branches scrape my face, poison oak is everywhere, green trees edge the paths, drop-offs are (ah-hem) right there, man! I love every minute of it.

And our horses are so wonderful on the trail. They’re both extraordinarily well-behaved, carry us safely through the mountains, sure-footed in their travel. I wish everyone could experience what she and I have the fantastic pleasure of doing.

Is there something you love to do that’s so special, you’d like to share?

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