Occupy U.C. Davis Students

Most people are aware of the “occupy” groups around the nation. Because I live in California we’ve watched a lot on the news about Occupy Oakland and Occupy UC Davis students.

The latest news dealt with how the UCD students were pepper soaked by officers and that UCD Police Lt. John Pike, UCD Police Chief Annette Spicuzza, and a fellow officer have been placed on leave.  Pike is the one who walked up and down the line of sitting students shooting military grade pepper spray in their faces and mouths.  According to reports at least one of the students suffered nerve damage and there was bleeding. The Chancellor has requested an investigation by the District Attorney’s office.


My question to those reading this blog is this:

Do you think people who are “occupying” parks or campuses or buildings around the nation should be sprayed with pepper spray, allowed to sleep wherever they are occupying, be arrested for disturbing the peace, or simply left alone because they are exercising their right to free speech?

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