Yep, my son’s birthday was March 15th and he turned 19. Where the heck did the time go? I remember the day of his birth. We selected his birthday because it was a scheduled c-section. He was comin’ out feet first and no way was he going to be able to do it on his own. So, my doctor gave James and me a calendar and said, “Pick a date”.

My sister took her hand-held videocamera and shot the entire experience: me lying in the hospital bed with a fetal monitor strapped to my abdomen, me in the operating room, Dr. Farney pulling the baby out of a five-inch incision in my belly. Then there was silence. Total and utter silence. I remember thinking, “Why isn’t the baby crying?” (At this point we didn’t know the sex of our child.) I had a fleeting feeling something was wrong because I didn’t hear a sound.

Then suddenly a wail echoed through the O.R. and I thanked the universe. Dr. Farney said, “I think you have a son.” I said, “What do you mean you ‘think’?” He laughed and held Dylan up for us to see. Yep, it was a boy. The doctor made a remark about him  having all ten fingers and ten toes and within moments the nurse brought Dylan around so we could see him. Indeed I’d given birth to a real live humanoid.

I thought being pregnant and  having a child was a surreal experience. As odd as it may sound, during my entire pregnancy all I could think of was the movie Alien. There’s a scene where the monster pops out of this guy’s chest like a snake and opens its mouth and looks around. It scared the crap out of me then and it was just as scary giving birth.


Nineteen years later and I’m still in awe that this human being came out of me. And nineteen years later I love him as much as I did way back then. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DD.

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