My Tribute to Maximus


I’m devoting this post to my Friesian horse, Maximus.  Why?  Because after thirteen months of ME being in training, I can now ride my horse!








For those of you who are not familiar with riding, being on a horse (surprise, surprise) is WAY more than just sitting on him (or her, of course) and letting the horse do all the work.  It’s a lot of exercise on the part of the rider and it takes a ton of effort to master the nuances that cue a horse to trot (like a fast walk) or canter (slightly slower than a gallop).

My fears were so overwhelming because of Maximus’ size that they held me back from doing either trotting or cantering.  For seven years!  It took riding on another horse for over a year (thank you Hiks!) to reach the place I am today.  And guess what?








Maximus was waiting for me to return. So, thank you, Maxi (my 1, 425-pound baby) for keeping the faith. You knew I could do it, buddy!  Love you.

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