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I don’t talk politics and I don’t talk religion. But I will toot my tiny horn about my favorite organization here on my website. Everyone who’s reading this knows I suffer from AAS-animal advocacy syndrome. I love all things animals and write often about endangered animals on our planet. I’m a proud card-carrying member of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
Today I read their 2012 year-end statistics and wanted to tell you about them. This is not me asking you to join HSUS. I’m  just so happy about the work they do. And they can do it because of the money they raise, allowing them to get bills passed and lobby for animal rights.
During 2012 they spent thousands of hours: raiding dogfights with law enforcement; digging out tortoises to save them from being buried alive in construction projects, and then relocating them to protected lands; medicating and sterilizing dogs and cats on remote Indian reservations; capturing, sterilizing, and vaccinating street dogs in the Philippines; nursing injured birds and rehabilitating them to return to the wild in Central America; coming to the aid of dogs in puppy mills and adopting them out to loving homes; rushing into disaster zones while residents are rushing out; training dogs for good behavior and operating free wellness clinics in inner city Atlanta; feeding starving horses and taking them out of crisis; caring for thousands of animals at the largest network of animal-care facilities in the nation.
These are just some of the ways they conduct the world’s most robust, diverse, and far-reaching direct care programs for animals. No matter where animals are in crisis, they’re there.
Below is a list of animals directly cared for by The HSUS, organized by category. In addition to the 100,000 animals they helped through those programs, their sponsorship of World Spay-Day efforts around the globe touched an additional 55,000 dogs and cats.
Animal Cruelty, Rescue, and Response (Cruelty cases, Dog fighting & Cockfighting raids)
–    Animals cared for: 5,719Animal Care Centers
–    Animals cared for: 16,238Companion Animals (Spay/Neuter clinics, Pets for Life, Pet Help Partners NYC)
–    Animals cared for: 17,776Humane Society International
–    Animals cared for: 48,062

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association-Rural Areas Veterinary Services (both domestic and international)
–    Animals cared for: 6,952

Wildlife (Includes Humane Wildlife Services, Prairie Dog Coalition & Wildlife Response)
–    Animals cared for: 5,261

Total animals cared for: 100,008……………………………………….BOOYAH!!!

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