Mustang Sally

Most people reading this post already know I have a horse. His name is Maximus. He’s a big black Friesian horse and he came from Holland in 2004 which is when I purchased him. That marked the beginning of my “life with horses”. It’s a world I would never know much about if I hadn’t been prodded by my counselor to seek out an activity of my own, sans children, to alleviate my stress.

Once involved in the horse world I found out things about these animals that not only surprised me but endeared me more to them. They’re very much like humans because they have feelings — fears and behaviors I never expected. Here I am with a 1,425-pound horse who can spook when he sees a squirrel or if he hears a turkey gobble in the bushes or when he just knows there’s that elusive “something” in the foliage on the side of the trail, be it a mouse or who knows what.

There are horses at my barn who will fly off in a gallop over a plastic bag. And they certainly don’t all like each other. Yes, they’re a “herd animal” but there are horses who don’t like my horse even though he never did anything to them. Horses have personalities. Period.

So, when I watched this short NBC clip I wanted to scream yet all I could do was cry. I feel sorry that people are ignorant about horses yet I can understand because I once was as well. But given the fact there are thousands of “horse people” who are trying to enlighten these “ignorant” individuals, there is now no excuse for the actions of those in control of what happens to this nation’s horses.

What do you think?

The segment is must see TV, so if you missed it, or you want to watch it again, you can check it out on NBC News’ special webpage.

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