Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my!



I’m an animal lover.  I share my house with two very large, 95-pound chocolate labs.  If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you already know this.  One of them was titled “Dog Snorfles”.  I’m serious.  There really is such a thing.

I also love horses.  I own a Friesian horse who is almost eleven years old.  I bought him when he was a youngster, at fours years old.  He travelled to the U.S. by jet from the Netherlands and I saw him at the Black Sterling Friesians barn in Sonoma, California, and fell in love.  He’s big-boned, sort of on the drafty side, entirely black, weighs 1425 pounds, has feathers covering his extra-large hooves, and a thick tail that reaches to the ground.  Think Ladyhawke and Colin Farrell.

My point is, I love all animals.  I belong to the Humane Society of the United States and donate to their organization monthly to help support their rescue work as well as the litigation in which they’re involved regarding animal rights.  And they work for all animals, from mice to elephants.  I’m a huge fan of the organization’s CEO, Wayne Pacelle.  You gotta love the guy.  He’s hugely presentable, an eloquent speaker, and believes wholeheartedly in the cause.

All animals should be treated with respect and love.  I wish I could co-exist with lions and tigers and bears because they’re my most favorite animals in the world.  But I can’t have them living in my back yard.  It’s not allowed.  And it would be dangerous.  I get my “exotic animal fix” by watching Animal Planet and Nat Geo.  The cinematography is to die for and the up-close-and-personal viewing can’t be beat.  I’m able to sit in my nice poofy couch and watch these magnificent creatures drift across my flat-screen t.v. as they roam the wilds of countries all over the world.

There’s just something about their untamed beauty and unmatched wildness that makes my heart burst in awe that they exist on the same planet as I do.  And I don’t like to experience them in zoos.  I know there’s a need to educate people about the creatures we share our Earth with, and rescue organizations, too, are phenomenal; but I prefer to observe the lions and tigers and bears in their natural habitat.

What is your favorite animal and why?  I’d love to know.


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