Light and Fluffy

No those are not the names of my two cats. In fact I don’t have any cats but rather two dogs: Annabella (8) the mom of Jack (6) and they’re chocolate labs. But that’s neither here nor there as far as this post is concerned.

There’s just too much stuff going on “out there” that’s depressing like fires spreading their destructive fingers in every direction, another child injured in bed from a drive-by shooting in the streets of Oakland, tornadoes. I need not go on and on, right?

So today I wanted to shake it up a little from the “normal” posts and do something, well, light and fluffy. Whether you listen to the radio or an iPod or your iPhone or cd’s, cassette tapes, whatever device music emanates from in your life – what’s your favorite song right this minute?



Fine China – Chris Brown –…/chrisbrown/finechina/USRV81…

Apr 1, 2013
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