Kid’s Books – What Was Your Favorite?

It’s my Blogging Wednesday (which snuck up on me since Monday was Fourth of July!) and when mulling over a topic for today I recalled reading an e-mail on a Yahoo loop asking, “What’s Your Favorite Book?”  But that’s not what I want to know here…

My mom signed me up for a subscription to a Children’s Book of the Month Club when I was very young, perhaps seven or eight years old.  Each month I’d get a package in the mail and had no idea what book I’d find inside.  I vividly recall one about living creatures under the sea.  The cover was a bluish-green and the title was in bold black print.  I still have it somewhere in my library.

I didn’t start reading the Nancy Drew mystery series until I was an adult.  I still enjoy reading them and have an incomplete set – the ones with the light-blue cloth jacket.  They’re older than I am and it’s hard to find the ones I’m missing.  My love of reading was spawned early on and I believe that has something to do with why I still have a soft spot for children’s books.

I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to read a children’s book which is why I wrote this post.  I’m gathering a list of books to read and would love to hear what kid’s novels bring back fond memories for other readers.


If you post the title in the comments section below I can add it to my list.




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