Imprinting – To A New Level


Most people have heard of imprinting. The Wikipedia definition is as follows:

A rapid learning process by which a newborn or very young animal establishes a behavior pattern of recognition and attraction to another animal of its own kind or to a substitute or an object identified as the parent.

One of my favorite movies is “Fly Away Home” with Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin.  As a young girl Anna finds a group of abandoned baby geese. The goslings think of her as their mother. However there’s no one to teach them to fly and when it’s time for them to migrate they won’t know what to do. Her father, Jeff Daniels, builds something like the contraption seen above and with Anna beside him, the geese follow them.  Anna and Jeff end up guiding the geese on the appropriate migratory path. “Fly Away Home” is based on a true story and those geese flew back to Anna’s home every year.

The very short, true-story video below from CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric demonstrates another example of imprinting taken to a human/non-human level. It’s about Maria and Dominic and is just amazing. Love has no boundaries.


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