Important News for Animal Lovers

I stumbled upon a video in the Huffington Post today and wanted to share it with those of you who read my posts. I love my dogs.  I buy them the best dog food I can afford, Inova, at an upscale pet store.
I don’t feed them table scraps unless I have leftover steamed vegetables.
I have a personal veterinarian who comes to our home, thus relieving the stressful toll it takes on Annabella and Jack when I used to accompany them to the vet’s office.
I make sure they take a flea killer product, Program, and administer it to them monthly per the notation on my calendar.
I purchase dog beds for them with cedar chips inside for odor control and soft material on the outside that I can clean in the washing machine.
I cleanse their dog bowls and water bowls regularly to eradicate germs.  (I wouldn’t re-use my plate for each meal without washing it first, would I?)
I’ve read that pet owners spend thousands of dollars a year on their pets in the United States.  I used to shake my head and tsk-tsk when I read that, thinking, “That’s not ME!”
Well, guess what?  I think it IS me.  But then, after I read the article (below) I’m convinced I’m not one of “them”…  Am I?

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