On June 17th my little girl will graduate from high school. So cliche, but where the heck did the time go? It seems like about ten years ago that we brought her home from the hospital. How is it that she’s all of a sudden almost 18 years old and leaving her childhood behind?

A new and exciting life awaits her and she knows it. She can take time off. Or she can work to earn money. Or she can save to buy a car. Or she can enter barbering school. Or she can travel. Or she can move out and live on her own. I have to admit, I am not ready for any of these. The routine of making her breakfast, fixing her lunch, driving her to school, greeting her when she comes home from school – all of that is about to change. And I am not ready for it. I have put aside thinking about this for years. I knew this day would come. But I’m not prepared.

I cannot imagine my life without her living under the same roof. I know I’m like many moms out there experiencing the same thing. I still wonder how other moms do it. Is the fact that I already miss her so unusual? Our kids eventually all move out but I’m still not mentally ready.

Where did the time go?

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