Well, I held off for as long as I could, but this is my 18th (hip hip hooray) blog and I just have to introduce you to the love of my life – Maximus.  (Sorry, James, but I’m not married to my horse – I’m just in love with him.)

The Friesian breed originated from Friesland, Netherlands.  Although they resemble a draft horse, they are nimble and graceful considering their size.  Maximus arrived in Sonoma, California, in 2004, from Holland, and weighs 1425 pounds and is 16.4 hands tall.  During the Middle Ages, Friesian horses were in great demand as war horses in continental Europe and in the Middle Ages they carried knights in armor.  The breed nearly became extinct but the modern day Friesian horse is growing in numbers and popularity.

They’re recognized by their black coat color but what is most notable is their long, highly-arched neck, thick manes, tails that hang to the ground, and their feathers – long hair on the lower legs that cover their hooves and reach the ground.  They’re gentle and docile but have a great presence and carry themselves with elegance.  Their overall conformation and bone structure make them look Baroque, with powerful sloping shoulders and muscular bodies.

Due to its flashy appearance, the Friesian horse has become very popular in the film industry, owing much to the appearance of the Friesian stallion Goliath in the 1985 film, Ladyhawke, which ignited worldwide interest in these horses.  Films such as Eragon, The Mask of Zorro, Alexander, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Wolfman have also featured Friesian horses.  Most recently Friesians were seen in the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans, where they played the part of Pegasus.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little piece about my best friend, Maximus.  He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever known and just looking at him makes my heart flutter.  Ahhh…..

To watch a 90-second video of a Friesian stallion, just click on this link:

Friesian Stallion



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