For Those No Longer With Us


Thinking about the holidays and what they mean to me has brought up a lot of sadness.  When I was a kid, Christmas was filled with thoughts of the three Magi, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus.

As a teen, I enjoyed my younger sisters and the looks on their faces when they saw all their gifts from Santa.

In college, I couldn’t wait to return home for the holidays to see my family.

Now, as a mom, with kids who no longer believe in Santa, it’s still all about the family.Family remains the one constant, surpassing Santa and gifts.  But the family has changed a lot since I was a kid.  I miss those who are no longer with me to share the holidays.  I try to keep in mind that they are probably in a better place than here on Earth. But that doesn’t keep me from missing them.


























To my mom Barbara and my dad Bill and my mother-in-law Peg and my father-in-law Dick, to my nephew Jeremiah…




and my furry daughters and sons Jackson, Mocha, and Java – Happy Christmas to all of you, wherever you are.



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