Five Things

I just read author Linda Benson’s blog post yesterday. She lists ten random things she’s thinking about and I wanted to try this out myself. Maybe you’ll be interested in following her lead.

Many of us are “multi-thinking”. This often makes us feel direction-less. Our minds are spinning so fast, we feel aimless…perhaps a little crazy.  Sometimes writing our thoughts down on paper or the computer or in a journal can get it “out of our heads”, allowing us to feel less stressed, less ill-at-ease. Then we can deal with issues one at a time and not get bogged down with all the things we have to do each day.

By writing down our thoughts, we realize exactly what we’re worrying about. Then we can “let it go”. Worrying about something is probably not going to fix it. When our minds are filled with worries we move into “stress mode” and those worries don’t go away. Oft times worrying and stress manifest themselves in physical problems: stomach aches, headaches, unhappiness, irritability.


So, why not put fingers on the keyboard or around the pen? Write down five or ten random thoughts running through your mind today. See if you feel any better, less stressed, like a weight has been lifted from your mind.

The five things I’m worrying or thinking about today?

1.  The people and animals on the East Coast after Scary Storm Sandy.

2.  The upcoming winter. The light is changing. I can’t sit on the deck any longer because the sun is gone. I hate the cold and rain and dismal look outside.

3.  One of my sisters is having a sad time with her daughter who isn’t speaking to her right now. My sister would do anything for her family. She doesn’t deserve this.

4.  My daughter is in her first year of high school and loving it. But sometimes she feels alone in a sea of 1,000 teenagers. She’s ultra-senstive and I don’t want her to be unhappy. She’s a kind soul.

5.  My son started his first year of junior college and misses high school. Many of his friends have simply dropped off the map. They never come around any more. That’s sad.

What about you? What are you worrying about?




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