Dylan and Allessandra

Okay, I’m suspending my “normal” posts about animals again, but it’s for a good reason.

My son, Dylan (far left), is graduating high school and my daughter, Allessandra is leaving middle school for high school.  They both graduate this Friday, June 15th. And I never thought I’d see the day.  But don’t all parents say that?  I guess we do.  But hey, it’s true.  As Anthony Hopkins said in Meet Joe Black, “All the years.  Where did the time go?”

Frankly, I have no clue.  I recall Dylan coming home from kindergarten and eating lunch then taking a nap every day on my shoulder as I sat in the rocking chair and read a book.  And Allessandra would sit on the floor in front of me and play with her toys for hours while I watched her and she’d talk and talk.

And as much as you tell your kids that you love them, will they ever really know how much until they have children of their own?  Do they “get it” that you would do anything for them?  How many kids are lucky enough to have parents whose lives revolve around them and who have made sacrifices in their own personal lives so their kids will be happy?  Ask the thousands of kids who have lost their parents to death or accidents or abandonment.  Maybe then my children would gain some perspective on what it means to have a good parent.

Family has always been important to me, even as a teenager.  When I moved out of the house at 18, I found that flying from the “nest” was fun but I missed my parents.  We’d been close.

My daughter is still interested in interacting and being a part of the family but maybe that’s because she’s 13.  Will she remain that way? The inevitable “pulling away” that everyone tells me is “normal” (which is what my son is going through), wasn’t something I’d personally experienced, so I certainly was not prepared for it with my son.  Was it different for me because I was female or because I was just “me”?

And I yearn for the day that he comes back to us.  He lives with us and yet I miss him every single day because, really, he’s no longer here.  And I cling to the hope that Allessandra doesn’t follow in his footsteps.  She can actually have her freedom and leave home with our total, 100% approval without throwing us aside in the process.

This post is for Dylan and Allessandra.  Your father and I are so proud of both of you.  And though we’ve told you this in words, hey kids, it’s now on the internet for everyone to see!




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