Now if I didn’t capture your attention with that title I don’t think I’ll EVER get you to read any of my blogs.  Ever.  But there’s something about dog snorfles that I find inescapably endearing.  Maybe it’s just because I’m an animal lover, belong to the Humane Society of the U.S., and have two chocolate labs and a horse.  But millions of people own dogs.  That’s a LOT of people.  So, I’m wondering –  just how many of you know what I’m talking about when I say “dog snorfles”?

Haven’t you ever heard a funny noise, perhaps near you or emanating from another area of the house?  You search where the sound is coming from and there, lying on the couch or on top of your bed, is your dog.  He (or she, but let’s make it a male since I’m referring to Jack here) is rolling from side to side on his back, mouth open wide with (I kid you not) a smile on his lips, and he’s making the weirdest noise.  It’s a cross between a sneeze and what I would call a “gack”.  He’s in ecstasy.  His legs are pumping as if he’s riding his very own version of a canine bicycle.  You watch him for a few seconds and don’t tell me you don’t have a smile on your face or that you’re not chuckling under your breath.

And a part of you wishes you could be that carefree, don’t you?  I know I do.  I think, remember the days when my next-door neighbor and I would sprawl on the front lawn and just stare up at the sky, commenting on the different shapes of the clouds.  We had not a worry between us.  We were just like my dog.  What happened to that?  Why did I let that change?  When did I become too old to loll around on the lawn or on top of my bed and think about absolutely nothing but “good stuff”?

And, you know what?  We’re never too old to experience our personal version of a dog snorfle.  Who’s going to see us anyway?  And does it really matter?


If a human is in the woods and snorfles and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


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