I just finished reading James Patterson’s book Sam’s Letters to Jennifer and it made me think about time.  In this novel Jennifer’s grandmother, Samantha (Sam), is in the hospital in critical condition and the doctors don’t know whether she’ll live much longer.  Jennifer’s boyfriend Brendan reveals he is dying of a rare cancer as well.  After reading the last page, I put the book down and began to think along the lines of a “bucket list”.

If you had very little time to live, whether several days or a few months, what would you want to do?  Movies like the Bucket List had Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson doing some pretty daredevil things before they died.  But what we dreamed of doing and never got a chance to do doesn’t have to be dramatic.  And we might not have a “list”, either.  Maybe there’s only one thing we always wanted to say to someone, or one place we longed to visit since forever.

Or perhaps you’ve never even thought about it.  So, think for a moment.  Can you come up with just one thing you’ve always wanted to do and have been putting off?  If you were given a death sentence, knew you were on your way out life’s door, what would you write down on your Bucket List?  It could be one thing or several.





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