Al Catraz



The Marine Mammal Center located in the Marin Headlands of California, planned to release a young sea lion pup yesterday that was rescued last month near Alcatraz Island.  The pup, named Al Catraz, was found March 21.

He was malnourished and in a dangerous spot, huddled under a concrete dock where ferries land, too weak to eat on his own.  National Park Service rangers said that even during high tide, he didn’t have the energy to get into the water.  With the help of park service rangers on Alcatraz island, the rescue crews nabbed the sea lion, who wasn’t ready or able to put up a fight.  When they put the net down to get him, he basically crawled right in, they said.  The ferry then brought Al Catraz back in a carrier, to San Francisco, where he was taken by a rescue vehicle to the Marine Mammal Center.

He’s believed to be just over a year old.  He had to be tube-fed at the the Marine Mammal Center where he regained his strength, gained eight pounds, and an abscess was removed from its back.

It’s really not known what made him sick.  He was very thin when found and you could see his ribs.  They planned to release him into the coastal waters in Point Reyes yesterday afternoon along with two other sea lions, Puptart and Hawthorn.



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